March 5, 2019 0 By genierene

Before I go into the crux of the matter, I would like to make a “shocking revelation” about Men, in general and African Men, specifically! Research has shown that “MEN are “NATURALLY” “BENT” TO BE PROMISCUOUS”!

Before i get summons from the “courts” as a result of this “blasphemy” as instituted by a team of very brilliant “religious” and “good” men and women whose “rights” must have been infringed upon , let me try and make my “representation” before this “honorable audience” as to the reason for the above “deposition”!.

As a rehash, according to the research, Men are naturally “bent” to be Promiscuous obviously means that, in other words, Men are not naturally Promiscuous but have the “bent” to be promiscuous! Hmm…semantics, right?

The question now is: What will make a man have the “bent” to be promiscuous considering that from the religious point of view, after a Man is “regenerated” – “Born again”, “old things” are supposed to have passed away and all (present) things become new!

But the fact that all Men are attracted to a woman; first and foremost, by sight i.e. what they see before any other consideration tends to give credence to the above supposition! That is why you will read in the news the following accounts:

1) An Adult, aged 30, has been caught raping a 6 year old girl!
2) A “happily” married man was last night caught having sex with “their” House help!
3) A “fire brand” religious leader has been caught having sex with a “single” female usher at his office! etc.

You hardly, if ever, hear or read such related news about a Woman because they don’t have such “Sighty” disposition!

The question is: What kind of Man will fall prey to this tendency to become promiscuous (fornication and Adultery) especially when he is termed to be” “happily married”!

The answer could be that: A man could fall prey when this “bent” to become promiscuous is “triggered” by the spouse who constantly say foul-tasting expressions about the man or behaves in a manner that tends to suggest antipathy to a man that was once regarded as the “crown on my head” especially after an unanticipated event that leaves the man “gasping” for “financial air” due to loss of his “manly authority” as a result of circumstances beyond his control!

Although not justifiable or exhaustive, the following scenarios could “trigger” the promiscuous “bent” of a Man (Any Man)!

A “born again” Christian woman who will “sincerely” always expose the Husband to the mercy of the House help who usually does “everything” for the Man while she gives the “excuse” of being “very busy” at pursuing her “career” for the “greater” good of the Family.
A woman that will consistently denigrate the Man even in the presence of friends, colleagues, Family members and relations because she is now “in charge” of the home due to the man being financially disadvantaged by loss of income source.

A woman that would consistently nag at the Man because she has “heard” or is “suspecting” that the Man is cheating on her because he comes home late even when she is sure that it was actually the nature of his Job. The suspicions don’t just want to go away because she has been “counseled” on the “ways of men”!

A “born again” Christian woman believing that the Man cannot break the “marital vow” even if she decides to starts “making her views” become more “confrontational” in line with the “Women liberation movement” forgetting the submissive part of her “marital vows”. at him

It is imperative that every Woman should, for once, do a retrospective of their daily dispositions to their man having this exposé at the back of their minds, processing same properly so as to enable her make better and informed decisions with the knowledge. She will definitely be able to handle her intimate relationships both before and after marriage!

Just being reflective!