March 8, 2019 0 By genierene

Dear Mr. President,

I wish to join Nigerians and members of the international community in congratulating you for your victory at the just concluded Presidential Elections whose final results was announced by the Chairman of the Electoral Body, Professor Mahmud Yakubu, declaring you winner in a closely contested Election.

Now that it is seem certain that by May 29th 2019, you would be sworn in again as the President of the most populous country in Africa, it is very important that you pay particular attention to the following issues which I believe should be “reviewed” in “alliance” with your “team” that you have promised us would be assembled to “hit the ground running” from the next day after inauguration!


It is obvious that you should be able to “act” decisively in tackling the gargantuan security issues as I believe you can still, in the interim, “advice” yourself based on your “insights” as to the solutions to the present security challenges especially as it relates to Boko Haram insurgency and the herdsmen rampages. There are “facts” available that you had promised to put an end to this insurgency issue within two (2) months of your first coming in 2015.The timeline you gave then, with the benefit of hindsight, obviously seem to have misjudged the magnitude of the situation on ground. This is still a major challenge facing the country at this time and I would appreciate your promise to make it top priority as you settle down for the renewed task ahead.


The issue of Corruption cannot be over flogged as it is now. It is gratifying to note that you have consistently insisted, during your campaigns, that Corruption has and is still the bane of our country. This situation has almost crippled the foundation of our statehood as, despite your seemingly lame duck and skewed fight against same during your first term it has become a “fashion” to be corrupt considering the “morally decadent” value system that our youths now “cherish”! It is obvious that you did not confront this hydra headed octopus as your methods, which would obviously outlive you since you have not established or enforced laid down procedures, leaving it all to your “zeal” to seeing Corruption being stamped out turning a blind eye to members of your party especially those that can be termed “fifth columnists” who would definitely want to put a “spanner in the works”. You should therefore ensure that you strengthen and empower the institutions charged with the responsibilities of investigating and prosecuting corrupt acts! You should have the courage to “juggle” your “team” when you discover that some of them are becoming cogs in the wheel!


We know that the composition of the “team” would obviously be skewed to the “ruling” party considering the “winner takes all” syndrome of the country, If you have to follow the “trend” in existence, I will advise that you reach an “agreement” within the “coalition” that make up the APC However, the fact that you would want to satisfy the “coalition” should not mean that it should take us forever in getting a “new team”. Granted that this leaders would seemingly have a domineering influence on you in the composition of your team, it behooves on you that whoever is “recommended” should not wear the “round peg in a square hole” gab. I will appreciate that the “persons” that are finally “agreed” to be submitted to the National Assembly for “confirmation “are those that are ready to “roll up” their sleeves for the daunting task ahead There is obviously work to be done and that fact should drive those that would be “privileged” to be nominated to serve.


A Budget can be simply defined as the estimates, based on defined parameters, of the Receipts (Income) and payments (expenditures) of a company, group of individuals or a country, like Nigeria, for a given period of time (usually one year)so as to give the citizenry a pictorial view of the policy thrust and direction of the government. Based on the above “simplified” definition, it stands to reason that you and your ensure the implementation or rejigging of your 2019 budget. The necessity for this is premised on the fact that the 2019 Budget, as presented by your administration, has not even been approved by the National Assembly. It is on good authority that even the 2018 Budget have not been fully implemented as at now.


On a lighter, but important, note I will appreciate that you engage between now and the day of inauguration, a consulting firm that would be charged with the responsibility of “polishing” you and your wife, the vice president and his wife and top officials of your administration in the “act” of being “presidential” in all their dispositions as they superintend over the affairs of the country.
The “face” of the “new administration” should actually reflect the “NEXT LEVEL” we expect to happen.
I appreciate the opportunity I have been afforded to interact with you.
Wish you God speed as you re-assume office come May 29th 2019!

God bless Nigeria