March 5, 2019 0 By genierene

Some days to day of Elections, it was widely reported that 17 sack loads of Ballot papers, already thump printed for APC were intercepted by the Police in Kano.

We were told that the police are carrying further, wide ranging investigations to “unravel” the culprits (usual refrain)!

We were also “informed” that information reaching the police after “preliminary” investigation was that those sacks contained “sample” ballot papers.

Like seriously? So the sample thumb prints has to be on APC check box on the ballot paper!!

The insinuations is that it was the playing of the script gone awry for the Kano “massive” and “overwhelming” vote for the ruling party!!

Can we get the true position of that siezure so the matter would be laid to rest!

That’s the way genie sees it!!