March 5, 2019 0 By genierene

At about 23.51pm yesterday, I got the broke news that the Nigerian Elections have been postponed by another week!

For crying out loud, my initial reaction was, gosh…fake news again. I felt they wanted to equate Mr Jonas failed postponement effect in 2015 with that of “Mr integrity” in 2019!

I was still confident that we will not tow that ignominious past yet again.

But the “fact” are staring everybody in the face now that a four years plans was scuttled a day to the election just because of “logistics”!!

I had expected a more plausible “emergency” reason than tell the whole world that we couldn’t move Election materials from one “secured” location to another!

INEC chairman and her officials should tender an unfetted resignation letter immediately considering the fact that they have put the nation and its polity in a very dangerous situation.

It was even better during Jonas time. The postponement was caused by consideration for improved “security architecture” (whatever that meant)!

But to say LOGISTICS says a lot about the competence and administrative sagacity of the man at the helm of INEC affairs!!

Thats the way genie sees it!!