April 2, 2019 0 By genierene

As Nigeria Joins the rest of the world. This is a common opener for news stories in Nigeria.

The truth however is this normally refers to a selected few who are aware and join the rest of the world on our behalf.

In the case of digitization, since the beginning of the discuss, only a selected few are abreast with what is going on.Even some who have set top boxes and are enjoying the dividends of digitization, don’t really grab what is happening.

The long and short of it is that , before now, television signals sent out are analogue signals which are easily distorted and prone to interference.

Those with digital TV sets get slightly better signals and enjoy the same picture quality with some cable subscription TV.

When you watch terrestrial TV presently on NTA, AIT,ITV and others you don’t pay a dime. However, the world has decided to go digital and stop analogue signal transmission totally. Some countries have achieved this already.

The benefits are numerous. You get better audio and video, interactivity, can choose to watch different programs on same channels, replay etc. Economy wise, it frees up space as several stations can be accommodated on a smaller space and the extra sold off for telecommunications or other internet business.

The thing is, not every TV set can receive digital signals. In fact most of the big fancy TV sets you see are not digital .This means a great percentage of people will need set top boxes to watch TV once we go completely digital.

The set top boxes will be subsidized as we start and subscription here in Nigeria is one year free, thereafter just two thousand naira for a full year. There is more to this; nobody will be able to watch TV for free again. Abuja, Jos and three other states are already enjoying digitization side by side with analogue. Lagos and Kano are next in line from June this year.

Gradually, the analogue signals will be turned off as transmission stabilizes and Nigeria will then join the rest of the world to become fully digitized by the end of 2021, if all goes as plan.

My advice to you is when digitization comes to your state make sure you buy a set top box because your beloved cable network subscribers may not survive digitization.

Make sure you join Nigeria to join the rest of the world!