March 5, 2019 0 By genierene

Wikipedia had so many variant and meaning of blackmail but the one that is apt to the above subject matter is the one that says ” Essentially, it is coercion involving threats to reveal substantially true or false information about a person to the public, a family member, or associates, or threats of physical harm or criminal prosecution”!

A lot of marriages have continued to be “kept intact” by the fact that one or both of the parties in the “marriage agreement” have some “hidden secret” that would always keep both in check ensuring that the public have the believe that they are having a “swell” time in the “blissful” relationship!

Even in marriages that were “contracted” in a very religious setting have not been spared of its “versions” of blackmail! Either the woman is blackmailing the man of having the information of his “impotency” because of his “past life” or the man is blackmailing the woman of her “lack of womb” as a result of her “past life”!

Whichever way the pendulum swings, chances are that the marriage was built on a false premise from the very beginning! False premise as in, both parties, knowing each others “condition” before the marriage but still went ahead because “age is not on my side”, I must be addressed as a mrs” or mr”, “I want to please my parents”, “status compatibility” and “spiritual compatibility”!

Research has shown that, 90% of marriages are collapsing or are at the verge of collapsing because “true friendship”, which should be the basic foundation of any relationship involving opposite sexes have been jettisoned to other primordial exigencies that usually do not have depth.

The attempt to get over these “blackmails” have made both man and woman resort to certain unwholesome actions that makes a lot of “onlookers” shudder and become amazed considering the “lovely couple” mask that had always been presented!

To avoid these “blackmails” some have “recommended” that “it is dangerous to reveal the past” or “put your spouse in the know of your past” hinging their arguments on the notion of “what you do not know would never haunt or kill you”! Others feel that it is imperative to let your spouse “know everything before marriage” so that a “proper decision, based on this knowledge can be made”!

What say you?

Just being reflective!