March 8, 2019 0 By genierene

As signatories to the UN charter for affirmative action, 35% of elective and appointive positions in Nigeria ought to be for the Nigerian woman.

Over the years , we have seen various summits and conferences by the women including the famous Nigerian women at fifty ,which was the maiden summit to press for realisation of affirmative action.
No reasonable progress has been made in this regard and the reason is not far fetched.

Most Nigerian women remain in their comfort zone of not wanting to be perceived as promiscuous or forward. Not wanting to attend nocturnal meetings and never having enough money to match their mail counterparts in politics.

The question is, who is going to inconvenience themselves to fight for this 35% and actually make themselves available and capable of occupying same if granted.

We are quick to blame the men for making it difficult for us to match them strength for strength in the political arena, we often even ask that the bar be dropped or at least reduced for us ,so we can clinch positions with minimal effort.

I think however that the Nigerian woman needs to up her ante and brace up to balance herself, educationally, emotionally, financially and otherwise to get better results in the polical arena.

How about strategies like going for grass root positions and building political careers with deep roots instead of jumping to the zenith and vying for presidential position without the necessary followers up?

How about wealthy Nigerian women looking out for those with charisma and the leadership know-how and sponsoring them like the male politicians do.

Enough of tantrums and shenanigans, enough of crying about not being allowed to partake in meetings by scheduling them at night.

Enough of being given just women leader positions in a whole political party.

Women let’s balance for better.
Let’s be innovative and the 35% affirmative action will be exceeded.

That’s the way Adee sees it!